Our international organization is hosting many regional, national and international events about real combat and selfdefense. We are working with many instructors in various arts all combined under de TDC organization. Join us as a instructor or representative.


Unarmed vs unarmed

Unarmed vs knife, stick, ax, club, pistol, assault rifle, bayonet

Armed vs armed, knife-knife, gun-knife, gun-gun

Stand-up fighting / Vertical Grappling / Anti-Vertical Grappling

Ground fighting Horizontal Grappling / Anti-Ground Fighting

The four pillars of Combatives / Systema!






Level 1: 

What is Combatives?

Position / Stances

Pre-Conflict, Conflict, Post Conflict


Basic srikes, kicks, punches, blocks

Basic Pads training


Low / high / off-line meaning?


Level 2

Defense game-plan?

Improvised weapons

Understanding the TDC Use Of Force structure

Basic grappling horizontal and vertical

Basic clinching

Basis knife concepts both ways

Working with the Low / high and off-line techniques


Level 3

Basic locks and takedowns, control

Dealing with threat before the attack

Basic gun concepts both ways


Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

LOW-Line techniques

HIGH-Line techniques

OFF-Line techniques

Combatives H2H, CC, CQC & CQB Training:


H2H H.2.H. (Hand to Hand) designates unarmed combat that is fought chest to chest and describes the group of techniques that have been developed to defeat the enemy with one's natural bare weapons (hands, feet etc). This is the system generally but not exclusively used by civilians to settle their differences.


CQC (Close Quarters Combat) and CQB (Close Quarters Battle) are military terms which designate the whole topic of unarmed & armed Combatives. 


Armed and unarmed-conflict is covered by CQC impact weapons, edged weapons and adapted weapons (every day items which in critical incidents can be used as weapons). H2H. (Hand to Hand) is generally considered to be part of this nowadays, while the term CQB covers armed-offence utilising firearms (with the use of sights).


Essentially speaking, Combatives utilize both CQC & CQB in order to be effective in real life situations we may face. However because the Combatives Group deals principally with the training of civilians, there is a heavy concentration on the CQC portion which is primarily focused on the striking aspect with only basic physical weapons throws and adapted weapons. This is called “CIVILIAN COMBATIVES” or C.C. This programme lasts anywhere from a few months of periodic training to 1 year, depending on the practitioners level of competence and diligence.


Close Quarters Combat (CQC) is a tactical concept that involves a physical confrontation between several combatants. It can take place between military units, police officers and criminals and in civilian situations and scenarios.


Close Quarters Battle The 3 principles necessary for a succesful raid, a defensive or offensive operation are: SURPRISE - AGGRESSION (VIOLENCE) and SPEED.


Combatives is about: skills, soft-skills, hard skills, to learn how to adapt, emotions in fighting, adrenaline, confusion, panic, pain, fear, disorientation, fatigue.


Combatives = Confrontation.

Combatives, the solution to violence?


As harsh as it may sound, our answer to violence is “a person that complains without doing something about it, has no right to complain”.


One may believe that the authorities are those who are responsible to solving this problem. But the authorities are already “stretched out” and are not enough. It is obvious that the responsibility for our security and that of our families must be taken up by us. But how? Who are those that can really help us do so?


There are many martial arts schools that offer every system imaginable. American Japanese, Israeli, Chinese, Korean, Reborn Greek, Pilipino a.s.o. and all claim they are the best and ideal.


One has to ask oneself:


*Which have really been tested in modern conditions?

*Which systems do not demand years and years of training?

*Which systems can use their techniques effectively immediately?

*Which systems do not require serious physical conditioning?


Tough questions one is required to answer without emotions and self delusions. Questions that have to take into account the laws of the state, one’s own physical abilities, one’s real needs, one’s physio-psychological “structure” and many others. If one does not ask the right questions, they easily become the victims of a self perpetuating “con”. As a result we get practitioners of various “martial arts” who are living a mockery and delusion and are in mortal danger thinking that they know how to protect themselves.


Combatives offer you a system that has been tried and tested with great success under the conditions of a modern world war as well as in the prevention of violence in an urban environment. They were developed for men and women alike with the purpose of preserving their lives for the goal of defeating and neutralizing an enemy. The first stage was the development of the system for police use, then for the self-protection of men and women (Defendu), and finally made more brutal for use in war by both sexes for WW2.


What makes today’s Combatives really different and highly successful is the same simplicity, directness and brutal efficiency, combined with the methodology of teaching that has always characterized the system. It is not theoretical "martial arts", which in essence are "Combat Sports" that are taught in "sterile" environment and in a standardized manner with good marketing and sales practices to to impress the ignorant.


Today, at the Combatives Group, Combatives have come full circle and is offered again in the form of a self-protection system for everyone in the form of Civilian Combatives.


For women Combatives "fit like a glove", because the main goal is "deception", a lightning-fast, preemptive strike and a quick getaway. If necessary, the effective use everyday objects in a hand bag as weapons (cell phone, pens and other objects or the bag itself) is a given. 


For men, Combatives offer a way to reply to violence with the same measure and incredibly brutal efficiency as well.


As always, the purpose of the real Combatives we teach at Combatives Group is for people to get home at the end of the day safely and unharmed.